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Rich Discord Integration

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Rich Discord Integration

Rich Discord Integration is an app, which adds possibility to control users, who wants to join your Discord server with ACP.


- Configuring connection of your IPS with Discord
- Possibility to connect and disconnect profiles and joining to Discord server by users
- Configuring permissions of app for administrators
- Configuring, which Discord role user from forum will get
- Approving, banning and kicking users from ACP

- Automatical aproval of users, who wants to join server
- ACP notifications, when user is waiting for verification

After purchasing and downloading this you will get pictures, which will show you where you can find all tokens and ID. They are necessary to configure connection with Discord. (https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me)

When you're configuring connection of your IPS with Discord, remember, that bot has to be on the Discord server before you will save the configuration in ACP

Remember, that role of Discord bot has to be higher than every other, bacause then bot can give any role chosen by you to user



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- Logging in using Discord
- Sending info about new topic in forum on Discord
- New options in configuring IPS synchronization with Discord
- Small improvements














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