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如何下載 插件/模板/中文語言包

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各種插件/模板 (Look and Feel / Themes / Applications and Plugins ...)



請注意: 只能選擇其中之一,不能變來變去,只能等時間到期



IPB官方插件的全系列中文語言包 (中文語言包有限制下載次數)


第三方插件的中文語言包一覽表 (中文語言包有限制下載次數)


Various plugins/themes (Look and Feel / Themes / Applications and Plugins ...)
You need to become the VIP of this forum to download, and there are restrictions on the number of downloads

Become a VIP for this fourm
There are multiple options available here

Please note: You can only choose one of them, can't change, you can only wait for the time to expire

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