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IPS Marketplace plugin sharers can get Chineseipb's VIP

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IPS Marketplace plugin sharers can get Chineseipb's  VIP


Think about the results before you share the plugin files


I am also losing n x  License Keys and IPS official forum accounts.

Every time I am banned by the IPS official, it is a loss of hundreds of dollars of IPB License Key and all the plugins and templates purchased by the Marketplace are gone.

I believe that without any IPB resources forums, there will be hundreds of dollars in revenue in a short period of time, can easily fight with the IPS official.

This large amount of loss is simply not affordable for Chineseipb's paid subscription income.

I believe that you can see similar situations from other IPB resource forums. The IPB resource forums are beginning to be silent again, and the plugins are rarely updated.

Now my new approach is as long as someone can provide a paid plugin or  the latest version of the plugin that Chineseipb doesn't have yet.

Attention: It must be a plugin and template that you need to pay for on the IPS Marketplace, not a free plugin.

You can get Chineseipb's VIP for 2 months.

The plugin sharer must use the Google Drive or MEGA, PM me the file of the plugin and template.

After I confirm the file, I will approve the VIP permission.

The more files you share, the longer the VIP time.


徵求IPS Marketplace的插件分享者, 可以獲得本論壇的VIP




我也是損失 n個 IPB正版授權與官方論壇的帳號權限

每次被IPS官方Ban帳號, 就是損失數百美元的IPB正版授權與Marketplace所購買的全部插件與模板 ... 通通沒了



相信各位從其他的IPB資源論壇都能看到類似情況, 各個IPB資源論壇又開始沉默, 很少更新插件了

現在, 我的新做法是只要有人能提供本論壇還沒有的付費插件或者最新版本 (必須是Marketplace上面需要付費購買的插件與模板,不含免費的插件) , 就能免費獲得本論壇的付費VIP 2個月

願意提供者請使用網盤 (Google Drive 或 MEGA ) PM給我插件與模板的檔案, 等我確認檔案後, 就會核准VIP資格, 提供越多檔案的話, VIP時間就越長

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